The management of the Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) has expressed its openness to collaborate with the privately-owned logistics solutions, such as Red Star Express Plc, on delivering the best delivery solutions to customers, both within and outside Nigeria. This was stated by the General Manager, Courier Regulatory Department (CRD), Dr. Diwa in a meeting with the management team from Red Star Express Plc.


Present for Red Star Express Plc were Sola Obabori (Group Managing Director, Red Star Express Plc), Victor Ukwat (Executive Director, Sales and Marketing), Charles Ejekam (Divisional Managing Director, Red Star Express), Enoma Ojo (Divisional Managing Director, Red Star Support Services), and Frances Akpomuka (Head, Corporate Resources) while the Dr Diwa was accompanied by Ogunlesi Adeola (Assistant Director, Human Resources), Gideon Shonde (Assistant General Manager, Licensing and Renewal), Comrade Tola Nosegbe (Assistant General Manager, Finance), and Deborah Ogunmilade (Head, Media and Public Relations).


In his remarks to the Courier Regulatory Department, Sola Obabori thanked the Department for its continued support for companies operating in the courier space in Nigeria and assured the Department that Red Star Express Plc will continue to offer its cooperation in every regard obtainable. “We are aware of the strides made by NIPOST over the last few years, in terms of business development and we are keen to know if there are areas where we can collaborate. In the end, it’s about the best possible service for the customers” he added.


In his response, Dr Diwa commended Red Star Express Plc for their compliance over the years and urged the company to remain cooperative as that is the attribute that separates them from most companies in the industry. “When we meet corporate bodies outside the country, they always talk about Red Star and that, for us, is a merit to you” he stated. “NIPOST is always open to the idea of working with private companies like Red Star to provide better service for the customers. We’re already working with security agencies to ensure that courier operators are not subjected to harassment which affects their delivery operations” he added.

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