Red Star Freight is a subsidiary of Red Star Express plc.The company was registered and commenced operations in November, 2005.
Red Star Freight has competencies in Air and Sea freight of bulk cargo, Heavy weight consignments, Packing and removal of personal effects, import and export, container handling, clearing and forwarding of cargo-(Sea and Air), and Door to Door service(Sea and Air) , to and from various local &international offices/depots of our clients.
freight services in Nigeria


Whatever your requirement, we will develop a plan that will ensure your product reaches your customer seamlessly without you having to lift a finger. No two plans are the same. We use combination of services to create Individual solutions, Everytime.

  • Air Freight.
  • Sea Freight.
Other Services we offer are;
  • Dangerous goods handling.
  • Clearing and Forwarding.
  • General Cargo Agent Services.
  • Dedicated or part aircraft charters.
  • Warehousing and nationwide distribution.
  • Cargo handling and Documentation.


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