A subsidiary of Red Star Express Plc. Established March 2008 specializes in convenient, economic ground haulage delivery service, using trucks and vans. It consists of haulage of domestic heavyweights, trucking cargo consolidation, ancillary services, and warehousing services.

Unlike other Logistics Companies in Nigeria, this subsidiary also offers manufacturers better logistics integration and speed to market. Bench marking Red Star Logistics against warehousing companies, revealed potentials for growth in that area and challenges employees to do their best. The warehouse would provide security and safety for goods, prompt service and accurate records, and integrated warehousing ensures available services.

Logistics Companies in Nigeria
  • Less than truck load: this is a deferred economy service (72 hours & above) for parcels of 5kg and above.
  • Truck load: this service is designed for full truck load as the name implies. A vehicle is dedicated for this transaction.
  • HORSE (Home and Office Relocation): specialize in relocating office and homes, involves the loading, offloading of items at the new site.
  • Integrated Warehousing/ Distribution: integrated warehouse services at a desired location.
  • Inventory Management: either it is your warehouse or ours; we take care of the day to day inventory management.
  • Collateral Warehousing: warehousing.


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