Red Star Support Services This is the outsourcing arm providing human capital and facilities for the banking, oil & gas and the multi-national institutions. The premier product of Red Star Support Services is the mail management, which is the provision of dedicated men and material resources to the running of the day to day operations of the banks, oil and gas, manufacturing and other desiring institutions.

Other areas of coverage include archival management and vehicle pool management services. Also Training and recruitment services are available on request.

Outsourcing Services in Nigeria

Outsourcing Services in Nigeria


  • Mailroom Management: this is an outsourced service, aimed at automating the process of receiving, sorting and distributing incoming and outgoing mails.
  • Executive Driver Service: this service is specially designed for Top Executives, Chief Executive Officers, and Senior Managers.
  • Outsourced Staff Bus Shuttle: the services is designed for Private and public companies such as airport authorities, universities and colleges, hotels, and other organizations have discovered the advantages of outsourced transportation.
  • Cost Savings: even with today’s fluctuating transportation costs, we can help you realize significant cost savings for your shuttle services.
  • Safety: this is our core value—because nothing is more important than the safety of our passengers.
  • Transportation Peace-of-Mind: you have a business to run and should not have to worry about bus schedules, parts availability, driver training, or any of the other issues that can arise from operating a shuttle bus system.
  • Pool Driver Management
  • Dedicated Van Delivery Service


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