Our Mission

Red Star holding company will provide superior returns to stakeholders through investments in companies that provide logistics related services.

Online Shipping

- 10% Discount on shipping rates
- Web-based Service - No downloads needed
- Easy API to customize and automate your shipping
- Simplified E-Commerce Solution

Robust API

..fully ready for our e-commerce friends
- Endless Integration
- Ease of Partnership

Red Star Foundation

Established in 2004 as our expression of corporate social responsibility through which, we demonstrate our core values for the benefit of the people, community and the environment of our business.

Express Food Delivery Services

At the click of a button, you can make orders for any food of your choice (from various eateries and restaurants) with delivery in a flash!

To know more, call: 0703 176 3610


Managing the agricultural value chain, especially in terms of transportation and export of agro products and commodities from Nigeria.

Services Include:
- Commodity Haluage Services
- Brokerage Services
- Trading Services


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