Our Mission

Red Star holding company will provide superior returns to stakeholders through investments in companies that provide logistics related services.

Online Shipping

- 10% Discount on shipping rates
- Web-based Service - No downloads needed
- Easy API to customize and automate your shipping
- Simplified E-Commerce Solution

Robust API

..fully ready for our e-commerce friends
- Endless Integration
- Ease of Partnership
Contact us at api@redstarplc.com

Express Food Delivery Services

At the click of a button, you can make orders for any food of your choice (from various eateries and restaurants) with delivery in a flash!

To know more, call: 0703 176 3610


Managing the agricultural value chain, especially in terms of transportation and export of agro products and commodities from Nigeria.

Services Include:

- Commodity Haluage Services
- Brokerage Services
- Trading Services


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