To meet the diverse needs of our customers, Red Star Express Plc decided to unbundle the company’s products and services by incorporating subsidiaries. You may want to browse through each of the subsidiaries to understand in precise terms what their offers are.

Logistics Company in Nigeria
Red Star Logistics Company In Nigeria

It consists of hauling of domestic heavyweights, trucking cargo consolidations and warehousing services. The warehouse would provide safety for goods, prompt service and accurate records, and integrated warehousing ensures available services.

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Red Star Freight Services In Nigeria

Whatever your requirement, we will develop a plan that will ensure your products reach your customers’ seamlessly. We use combination of services to create Individual solutions, Everytime.

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Red Star Support Services | Outsourcing Services

We provide dedicated men and material resources for the running of the day-to-day operations of the banks, oil and gas, manufacturing and other desiring institutions.

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Red Star Express

Red Star Express provides logistics solutions to solve shipping challenges and connect with customers to reach new markets.

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