The Board of Directors of Red Star Express Plc has assured its staff and shareholders that systems and structures have been put in place to ensure that the Company continues to report larger financial turnovers in the future. This was made know at the recent Annual General Meeting held last week Thursday in Lagos.


Speaking at the event, Sule Bichi, a Director on the Board, made it clear to shareholders present that Red Star Express Plc has worked hard in the last year to ensure that the Company performs better, in a financial sense, over the next 12 months. “Our goal, as a Company, is to grow year in, year out. We have a history of pursuing new opportunities for growth and we will not relent on our efforts in this regard” he mentioned. This was in response to concerns from some shareholders who asked about how the Company will be looking to grow in the coming years.


Supporting Bichi’s stance was the Group Managing Director, Red Star Express Plc, Sola Obabori, who highlighted the key areas that the Company has invested in to ensure its long-term profitability. “We have, over the last year, established 3 new business platforms; Red Star Agro Trade Services, RSE Prints and Packaging, and RS Allied Solutions. Each of these platforms have been structured to reach new sets of clients and even open up new revenue streams from our existing clientle. In the end, our goal is to make more profit for ourselves and our shareholders”.


The Annual General Meeting was held at the Muson Centre, Lagos and it was well-attended by shareholders and staff of Red Star Express Plc. Last week’s meeting was also the first to be attended by Suleiman Barau, the latest addition to the Company’s Board of Di


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