Red Star Launches Blog For SME1000   

Following the success of SME1000 event in July, Red Star Express Plc has launched a blog to engage Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), especially those who registered and attended the event. The blog has been designed to feature business tips, SME news and other related information that are useful to SMEs under the SME1000 platform.


The blog will also be used to provide information about logistic solutions (provided by Red Star Express Plc) that will be useful to SMEs as they look to establish themselves and play major roles in the revitalization of the Nigerian economy. SMEs will have the opportunity to learn new ways of running their businesses that are not just cost-effective but designed to ensure the longevity of their businesses.


The blog will also seek to showcase the SMEs registered under the SME1000 platform. From time to time, articles will be written about different SMEs and the services & products that they offer. The ones that become regular clients of Red Star Express Plc will also be celebrated.


Future SME events, especially those organized by Red Star Express Plc, will be featured on the blog. Information about these events and other related activities will be posted on the blog as well. As time goes on, more exciting features will be added to the blog to ensure that it becomes the one-stop hub for all things SME.


You can access the blog by going to SME1000 Blog.