Red Star Agro Trade Services is taking steps to provide further education for its customers who are looking to export agro-products from Nigeria. This was made clear by the Chief Operating Officer, Red Star Freight and Red Star Agro Trade Services, Mudiaga Okumagba, in a chat with On-Time News recently. He mentioned that the rules for exporting agro-products are slightly different from those that apply to exporting non-agro products.

“It is therefore important that we continue to sensitize our clients and customize on the requirements regarding exporting agro-products from Nigeria. They need to know the documentation and processes that will be required of them when bringing these items to the ports. If we keep educating them on these things, they will become more confident in the export business. Moreover, these customers will trust us to be ones that should handle their agro-products.” He added.

He also added that efforts have been made to ensure that the agro-products being exported are of the highest quality; having worked closely with the farmers cultivating these agro-products. “To export agro-products out of the country, they have to be of a particular quality. If the products are below the required quality, they could be rejected at their destinations. This would lead to wastage of resources and we are not in the business of wasting resources. To this end, we have worked closely with the farmers, who cultivate these crops, to get their farms certified. Once their farms receive the necessary certifications, they are cleared to export agro-products from those farms. We help with this process because it helps us as well as the Nigerian economy.” He stated.

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