FedEx Commends Red Star Express For Prompt Responsiveness

Red Star Express Plc has been commended by FedEx for its quick reaction to the cyberattack which affected the TNT unit earlier this year. This was stated by Tim Frank, Senior Manager GSP, Operations, Planning & Development, when he addressed the company executives and sales team during his visit to the company last Thursday.


It will be recalled that TNT was a target of a virus which originated from Ukraine in June 2017. Along with many other businesses, TNT’s IT systems were largely affected by the attack and this caused a dip in their service delivery. As a result, they faced the challenge of delivering their services as usual for their customers and clients.


In the wake of this cyberattack, Red Star Express quickly sought out ways to continue catering for its TNT customers. With the support of FedEx, the company was able to move the TNT accounts into the FedEx interface. This meant that the TNT shipments were handled using FedEx services; allowing customers to use TNT without having any service issues.


According to Tim Frank, FedEx was very happy at the response of Red Star Express to the aftermath of the cyberattack, helping their TNT customers to continue to use the service without any hiccups. He mentioned that the cyberattack has caused FedEx to consider hastening the process of absorbing the TNT unit into its interface; ensuring that all customers will be using TNT services under the FedEx banner.


He concluded by stating that the cyberattack crisis is almost over and operations will soon continue as usual.


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