RSE 31

Red Star Express Celebrates 31st Anniversary

Red Star Express recently marked its 31st anniversary with a week-long celebration honoring its dedicated team. The festivities included a series of activities aimed at showing gratitude and fostering camaraderie among staff members.

The week began with a heartfelt ‘thank you’ card sent to all employees, expressing appreciation for their hard work and dedication. This was followed by insightful talks on wealth management, in collaboration with Coronation Group, empowering staff with valuable financial knowledge.

In addition, the company organized health checkups for employees, underscoring its commitment to their well-being. The highlight of the celebration was the Staff Forum, where the CEO expressed deep gratitude for the team’s outstanding performance and shared excitement for the future.

The week also featured engaging activities such as trivia questions and ‘e Treats’ of sweets and confectioneries. Culminating in an employee fitness program, the celebration reaffirmed Red Star Express’s dedication to excellence and growth as it looks forward to the challenges and successes ahead.


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