Red Star Express asserts that customers and client shipments are safe for pickup and delivery having put certain safety measures in place.


The Group Managing Director, Dr. Sola Obabori, released a statement last week assuring customers of package safety amidst the ongoing pandemic. In his statement he said, “We recognize the trust you place in us when we deliver to the doorsteps of your homes, shipping docks or business premises. That is why we would like to share an update on the actions we are taking at Red Star Express to keep you and our team members safe amidst the covid-19 outbreak”


“Safety is our topmost priority at Red Star Express and we are listening to recommendations from World Health Organization (WHO) and other public health organizations, as we strive to protect our customers, our team members and other stakeholders. WHO has made it clear that it is safe to handle packages irrespective of the location from whence it came”.


Dr. Obabori also said, “We are giving our team members facts about COVID-19 and reminding them to follow simple but effective steps to keep them safe by observing basic hygiene rules such as frequent handwashing and social distancing. We are disinfecting our facilities and equipment as appropriate and we are encouraging our team members to take any signs of illness seriously and seek medical attention as needed”.


“We recognize and appreciate the critical role we play in the global supply chain and your business, we are currently implementing our contingency plans designed to help us continue to operate and limit any impact to your business while keeping safety at a fore front. In addition, basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are provided to aid our handling of shipments of all shapes and sizes”, he added.


“We will also like to inform you about the restrictions on the passenger traffic around the world, however, parcel and cargo movements are not prohibited.”


Red Star Express Plc is a Licensee of Federal Express (FedEx) Corporation, the world’s largest delivery solutions provider. It has over 150 offices in Nigeria; with international offices in Niger Republic, Burkina Faso and Benin Republic. Its network spans over 1,500 communities in Nigeria and 214 countries worldwide.

Red Star Express Plc is made up of 4 divisions and business units specializing in areas such as Express Delivery, Logistics, Freight, Outsourcing services, Supply Chain Management, E-Commerce Facilitation, Printing and Packaging, E-Archiving, as well as Agro Trade Logistics.


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