GMD Commends Growth in Quarterly Results

The Group Managing Director, Red Star Express Plc, Mr. Sola Obabori, commended the growth revealed at the recent First Quarterly Review meeting held last Thursday. He expressed delight at the increase in growth for all the subsidiaries under Red Star Express Plc, including Red Star Express and Red Star Freight. According to him, he was not even expecting the ‘fantastic results’ which were displayed during the meeting.


He suggested that the increased growth, from the results, was down to the enabling environment created by the current management team. He said “if you want to run, you can run. If you want to fly, you can fly”. He stated that it could be seen, from the results, that such an environment has helped staff members to put in the effort to ensure the good results. “That’s why some of the reports you are seeing shows that there is a lot of room for everybody to express their best capacity,” he added.


He commended the cash sales team for their efforts in increasing their revenue over the last quarter. From the results, it was revealed that the cash sales amounted to 40% of the total revenue; an unprecedented feat which should be celebrated. According to him, in the past, cash sales usually made up about 25-30% of the total revenue, making the jump to 40% ‘something new in Red Star Express Plc’.


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