Members of the Group Executive Committee have expressed their delight at the improved results delivered by Red Star Express Plc in the last financial year 2017/2018. This was revealed at the last business review meeting held at the Training Room at the company’s Operation Hub in Lagos, on Monday.


Presentations from the subsidiaries revealed significant jump in their revenue between the FY 2016/2017 and FY 2017/18. Key to this jump has been the success of the Express Food Delivery Service (EFDS) from Red Star Support Services (RSS), improved Sea Freight operations at Red Star Freight (RSF), FedEx’s support to Red Star Express in providing special rates for different shipments, the new business opportunities explored by Red Star Logistics with its existing clientele, as well as the efforts of the Operations Units (of all the subsidiaries) to reduce cost and improve efficiency.


Speaking at the meeting, the Executive Director (Sales and Marketing), Victor Ukwat, commended the entire staff of Red Star Express Plc for the positive results recorded. He stated that everyone should be proud of what the company has achieved despite the challenges faced in the last financial year. “We can’t stop here. We have to keep pushing, so that we can record far better results by this time next year” he added.


The Divisional Managing Directors of Red Star Express and Red Star Freight went ahead to state that it is important that staff start to think like entrepreneurs in their own units and departments. Charles Ejekam mentioned that the sales personnel should not be too hasty to give out discounts to clients. Rather, they should consider the implied cost on the business before offering discounts. “Even if you have to offer discounts; instead of starting from 10%, why don’t you start from 2%? It could save the company a lot” he added. Tonye followed this up by simply stating that everyone should be an expert in their job roles; sales or otherwise. “No one should understand your bit better than you” he stated.


The Chief Operating Officers of the new business units also chipped in with advice for staff. Chief Operating Officer (RSE Print and Packaging), Kayode Agbe, encouraged the sales team to continue to look for new business opportunities with both prospective and existing clients. Jayson Oyarekhua, Chief Operating Officer (RSE Allied Solutions) added his bit by reminding everyone that the people at Red Star Express Plc is its greatest asset. “Irrespective of what competition is doing, our advantage is our people. Never forget that” he stated.


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