The need to contribute to the community and give back to the society that has created a conducive environment for our business to thrive necessitated the policy of appropriating 0.5% of our profit after tax to the foundation. We can conveniently create an avenue in which we can continually affect the lives of the community around us. This remains the objective of RED STAR FOUNDATION.


The foundation was established in 2004. It is our expression of corporate social responsibility through which we demonstrate our core values for the benefit of the people, community & the environment of our business. There are opportunities to exhibit our core values, make new customers, leverage our brand and alleviate the social risks in our environment. These will create overall goodwill for all stakeholders.

The foundation affords students (SS1-SS3) the opportunity of completing their Senior Secondary School Education by taking on all expenses for the 3 years (tuition Fees, books etc.). Scholarship awards were backed by qualifying criteria, a neutral selection process and endorsement by all relevant stakeholders, including the Ministry of Education, Local Government Authorities, and Secondary Schools Authorities.


The foundation which started off in Lagos has been extended to the Eastern and Northern part of the country. Red Star Express’ strategic move to expand its Corporate Social responsibility activities, brought about the birth of the “I care project initiative” in the year 2011. The project is designed to support the needs of the less privileged in our society.


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