Red Star Support Services Limited

Briefly on Red Star Support Services Ltd.

Red Star Support Services This is the outsourcing arm providing human capital and facilities for the banking, oil & gas and the multi-national institutions. The premier product of Red Star Support Services is the mail management, which is the provision of dedicated men and material resources to the running of the day to day operations of the banks, oil and gas, manufacturing and other desiring institutions.

Other areas of coverage include archival management and vehicle pool management services. Also Training and recruitment services are available on request.

Mailroom outsourcing initially used a co-sourcing model, where the principal provides the work tools – motorcycles, fuelling, kits, stationery supplies –while a human resource company is engaged to supply manpower with various skills. The disadvantage with this is the high operational cost and the lack of competence in courier operations, plus the issue of unionization. This necessitated the complete outsource model pioneered by Red Star Express. We provide the employees, resources work tools required within an agreed contract’s pricing. Hiring, firing, training, managing the unions and other payroll activities are our responsibility. The customer is only concerned with quality assurance, based on agreed terms and conditions, and other planning for their core business functions.


Mailroom Management

This is an outsourced service, aimed at automating the process of receiving, sorting and distributing incoming and outgoing mails. We provide security , coordination coordinated to help achieve the most efficient integration of inbound and outbound document processing requirements. As experts in on and off-site mailroom management services, we can design the unique solution required to support your objectives, then providing the people, service, and technology to deliver it.

Executive Driver Service

This service is specially designed for Top Executives, Chief Executive Officers, and Senior Managers. For every experience with us, you are awarded with driving solutions of below qualities:
  • Professionalism
  • FRSC certified chauffeurs
  • Efficiency
  • Basic knowledge of maintenance and repair procedure
  • Conversant with Nigerian roads
  • Dedicated
  • Reliable
  • Value proposition

Outsourced Staff Bus shuttle

The services is designed for Private and public companies such as airport authorities, universities and colleges, hotels, and other organizations have discovered the advantages of outsourced transportation. Private shuttle service helps decrease costs while additionally increasing overall safety, reliability, and passenger satisfaction.
  • Cost Savings
    Even with today's fluctuating transportation costs, we can help you realize significant cost savings for your shuttle services. Whether its labor, fuel, equipment, facilities or innovative technology, we can help make your system more efficient – and effective.
  • Safety
    Safety is our core value—because nothing is more important than the safety of our passengers. From our CEO to every driver, our organizational culture is committed to the highest level of safety in all workplace and operational activities. We always put safety first.
  • Transportation Peace-of-Mind
    You have a business to run and should not have to worry about bus schedules, parts availability, driver training, or any of the other issues that can arise from operating a shuttle bus system. With Red Star Support Services, you can simply call us, tell us what you want or need and let us take care of the details.

Pool Driver Management

With our services, you are assured with the following components;
  • Professionalism
  • Effective delivery and pick up
  • On-going (Access Bank)
  • Professional driver

Dedicated Van Delivery Service

  • Cost saving
  • Effective delivery and pick up
  • On-going (Access Bank)
  • Professional driver
  • Reduce transit time
  • Improve your business process

Why use Red Star Support Services?

  • Good knowledge of the business
  • Well motivated and highly trained work force
  • Government policies compliant

Contact details:

Chief Operating Officer
70 International Airport Road Isolo

Tel: 2715670-6