Red Star Subsidiaries
Red Star Express seeks to further met its clients demands and ever changing needs by setting up subsidiaries to handle the peculiarity of each clients


This subsidiary is responsible for air and sea freighting of private and commercial heavyweights, clearing and forwarding as well as packaging and removal services. Other areas include inbound and outbound freight, warehousing and handling of dangerous goods. This is executed through the sea, air and land transportation. The delivery processes are door-to-door, door-to-airport, airport- to-airport and airport-to-door.


This is the Ground Trucking and Haulage services arm of Red Star Express Plc. With a fleet of heavy-duty trucks delivering shipments across Nigeria. This subsidiary also offers Warehousing services thereby offering manufacturers better logistics integration and speed to market. Other services include deferred ground delivery and office or home relocations.


This is the outsourcing arm providing human capital and facilities for the banking, oil & gas and the multi-national institutions. The premier product of Red Star Support Services is the mail management, which is the provision of dedicated men and material resources to the running of the day to day operations of the banks, oil and gas, manufacturing and other desiring institutions. Other areas of coverage include archival management and vehicle pool management services